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  Auto Calculators

Automotive Calculations by Bowling and Grippo

Auto Math Calculations by SmokemUP

Dyno Correction Factor Calculator

Automotive Calculations
  Racing formulae

Predicted 0-60mph time (secs) = (Vehicle weight(lb) x 0.413)/horsepower

Predicted flywheel horsepower = Vehicle weight (lb) x (1/4-mile trap speed/234)*cubed

Predicted flywheel horsepower = Vehicle weight (lb) x (5.825/ 1/4-mile elapsed time)*cubed

For more formulae, go to Dino's Auto Formulae webpage.


1. Auto Math Handbook by John Lawlor.

2. Mopar Performance Jeep Engines - Speed secrets & racing modifications for Jeep-built 4,6&V8 engines (Part # P5249586).

3. Mopar Performance catalog.

4. Haynes workshop manual for Jeep Cherokee 1984-1996 (Ref. #1553)

Newly updated and revised speed secrets and performance modifications book from Mopar Performance Parts.